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Our values transcend beyond business decisions and hours of operation. They are the principles upon which we live our lives. That is why we hire our employees based on their alignment with said values. Our organization is filled with people whose natural tendency is to exude these qualities. When faced with a tough decision or a challenging obstacle, we use these values to help us find the right path.

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Elena's Values

Our Values

  • Uncompromising Quality – Our bar of excellence is kept high. We believe if we are going to do something, we are going to do it well.  Nothing will stop us from creating that which is great. It can be trying, it can be difficult, but it is the only way we know-how.
  • Hard Work – We don’t shy away from the hard work that is required to get the job done. In fact, we take pride in it. We don’t find the shortcuts, we tighten our belts and we get it done because we value what we create.
  • Opportunity – When we see an opportunity in front of us, we take it.  That one should recognize these moments and seize them is what we value. A job should be a place to cultivate new skills, share ideas, and grow and learn. When we are filled with people who understand this, we create an environment full of thought.

Great Food

Being adaptable is good for business, but these principles are unchanged by time and act as the foundation for all that we create. With this in mind, we integrate our values into our training programs and orientations for new employees to ensure that they are a part of an employee’s journey from day one.

Great food is fresh, quality ingredients made to order with attention and care.

• Know and follow food safety standards.

• Use fresh ingredients.

• Follow set standards and recipes.

• Make each order with care the way the customer ordered it.